Dream Crafters of Marimoor

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One fateful Christmas - Marimoor’s dream world is disrupted.

Only the decisive actions of one Liverwurt family can overturn the adversity that grips Marimoor’s world.

Gramps-and-GramzyIn Dream Crafters of Marimoor, author Gary Carmichael masterfully captivates the reader with revelation of the extraordinary lifestyle of Marimoor, a quaint village nestled just beyond the picturesque and lush setting of Kellanord Valley. The exaggerated movements with which its citizens scurry about town are only one indication of their fast-paced and comical world.

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Dreams are a gift from God

Posted on Feb 18 by

“Dreams” are a prominent theme throughout Dream Crafters of Marimoor. Biblical accounts in both the Old and New Testaments portray dreams in so many ways: from the...