In Pursuit of a Dream…Gary Lee Carmichael

Gary grew up in Small Town America, just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio in the towns of Reading and Lockland. Undoubtedly to Gary those were much simpler times, where spending long hours outdoors playing baseball, or make-believe army, or just riding bicycles was the normal routine for a steamy summer’s day. During this time Gary and his older brother, Wayne, conceived the idea of the creatures they named ‘Liverwurts’ to amuse their younger sisters, Vickie and Paula, and a host of school-age friends. The two brothers crafted “flip books”, revealing crudely-drawn cartoons of these fictional characters posed in wildly comical actions. The storyline came to life as one of their many friends quickly thumbed through the handful of pages, laughing aloud at the creatures’ humorous antics. Adding the elements of ‘dreaming’ and ‘the world of Marimoor’ to the narrative came later, much later, when Gary envisioned the legend of an underworld civilization of benevolent creatures in a mystical land far, far away. Dreaming has always been a source of fascination for this future author, even becoming the focus of a science project he engineered during his time in junior high.

But the attraction for Liverwurts and dreams would wait. Gary spent the following years fashioning a life – marrying, raising children, building a career. College was delayed for some time, but it was while taking writing courses in college, and with the prompting of one of his professors, that the desire to finally write the tale of the Liverwurts blossomed. Following the loss of employment with one company where he had worked for many years, Gary took this opportunity to craft the magic of Marimoor into a wonderful work of fiction, Dream Crafters of Marimoor, mingling many of his own personal experiences into the Liverwurt tale.

Gary Carmichael now lives in Batavia, Ohio with his wife Debbie and their yorkie, Max. They have five wonderful children, and at last count twelve growing-like-weeds grandchildren. Gary and Debbie are both active in their local church, and besides writing, Gary enjoys amateur video editing, while Debbie is an avid reader and homemaker. Max savors eating, belly-rubs, and walks in the park, all in that order.

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